Chiltern Shower Trolley

The Chiltern Invadex range of shower trolleys is designed to allow washing of patients in the supine position. Mobile and easy to manoeuvre, it makes transferring a user to the bathing area simple.


  • Easy steer mechanism
  • Hydraulic height adjustment allows the carer to move the trolley up and down to a convenient height from either side, avoiding the need for stretching or leaning
  • Convenient drop sides and safety catches

Model options

T1 model hydarulic. (1930mm x 750mm) will comfortably accommodate a large adult.
T2 is a fixed height trolley. 1930mm x 720mm.
T3 hydraulic shower trolley (1600mm x 700mm) with smaller top available where space is limited/for children.
T4 Model is electrically operated by hand control.