If you require an external access solution that is easy to install and configure, includes a number of unique features and does away with the need for major groundwork’s…then look no further.


  • Durable – electro deposition, powder coated high grade steel (200+ microns) is weather resistant whilst nylon washers protect the finish, further increasing the longevity of the ramp.
  • Flexible – height of each platform/ramp section is fully adjustable whilst each handrail has a small degree of adjustability to ensure a perfect installation.
  • Quick Installation – rectangular holes on each platform/ramp section and the use of coach bolts enable the handrails to be secured from the ‘outside’, significantly reducing the time and effort taken for installation.
  • Reusable – modular nature of the ramp system means it can be easily reused and reconfigured; individual items may also be regalvanised and recoated.

Doc M Compliant Features:

  • 1000mm wide ramp sections
  • 900mm high handrail with 100mm kerb
  • 42mm diameter handrail is comfortable and easy to grip
  • Connectors ensure a smooth continuous handrail
  • Trombone ends project 300mm for added safety
  • Multi-directional slip resistant walkway surface
  • Dark green finish contrasts visually with walkway surface
  • “Warm Feel’ positive grip coating with excellent abrasion resistance