Guldmann GH3

Guldmann GH3

The GH3 system is a modular design concept whose classic yet contemporary appearance makes sure GH3 installations blend perfectly with both new and existing architecture and interior design. Lots of different modules are available. This makes it easy to adjust GH3 set-ups to match individual needs as regards functionality, specifications and budgets.

The GH3 system is easy to install and straightforward for everyone to use. This makes lifting procedures easy, safe and comfortable for all those involved. Among the prime advantages of the GH3 system are that it is always ready to use, and is designed right from the outset for heavy-duty use under the special kinds of tough conditions encountered in professional care environments.

GH3 rail system

Three different types of rails are available as part of the GH3 system, each specially designed to tackle particular spans and lifting weights. Combining these appropriately makes installation an easy, rapid process. The rails can be mounted on the ceiling, on walls or on supporting pillars – or any combination of these.

The unsupported span can be as much as 8 metres, depending on the combination of rail types specified and which weights the system must be capable of bearing. GH3 rails are designed to be easy to integrate into suspended ceilings. If the rails are mounted on the ceiling itself, they can be made to blend discreetly into the surroundings by the use of colour or decoration.

The ceiling hoists move near-silently along the rails using only a bare minimum of current. Transitions from one rail section to another are virtually unnoticeable, ensuring maximum comfort.

GH3 lifting modules

The GH3 system features lifting modules that are capable of lifting as much as 350 kg with one lifting strap and 500 kg with two lifting straps, depending on how the particular lifting module is configured. The lifting speed is up to 60 mm/sec, depending on configuration. The batteries in the GH3 lifting modules are recharged continuously, regardless of where in the system the module is located at any particular time.

GH3 lifting modules are fitted with quick-release mechanisms for easily and rapidly disconnecting the lifting module from the rail and the lifting hanger from the lifting strap. GH3 lifting modules are also available with an integrated weighing mechanism, drive motor and a cordless remote control unit.

If the Guldmann CareLift Management (CLM) programme is included, all data about how the system has been used is logged and recorded, and can be downloaded for analysis with a view to improving and fine-tuning lifting procedures for greater efficiency and comfort.

If a Guldmann service programme is included in the order, the operation of each lifting module can be monitored continuously. An automatic signal indicates as soon as any kind of service is required.

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