Guldmann Slings

Guldmann Slings

Guldmann offers a wide range of lifting and handling equipment. In combination with our mobile and ceiling mounted hoists, this equipment will help ensure that lifting and transferring of people with disabilities is completed in a safe and comfortable manner both for user and carer.

To be able to work efficiently and safely, you have to choose, in every case, the correct type of product in the right size and you also have to understand how to use it in the best possible way.

We are constantly simplifying our products to make them more user friendly. But we also offer you our knowledge and guidance for selecting the right product as well as training programmes for individuals and professional staff.

Active - Lifting slings that require active participation of carer and user.

Basic - Lifting slings suitable for most persons.

Custom - Lifting slings to match special needs.

Available Accessories

  • Leg sling
  • Turner / Twin turner
  • Head support
  • Sheepskin insets
  • Auxiliary straps
  • Extension straps
  • Repositioning sling
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