Oxford Slings

Oxford Slings

The Oxford range of slings has been designed with a number of features aimed at meeting varied lifting requirements and applications.

Oxford slings have many common attributes that make them easier to use, and easier to train with.

Coloured binding provides clear recognised size information.

Coloured loop straps that provide adjustment and the correct angle positioning for the 6-point spreader bar system.

Clear labels provide all the information required together with a line drawing showing how the slings fit.

Centerline markers aid the carer in the correct positioning of the sling, especially when inserting the sling before an off the bed or floor transfer.

Leg support widths offer optimal support, while not cutting into the knee or groin area, and modesty loops stop the patient’s legs from splaying while transferring.

The angles of the straps are carefully calculated to ensure the correct posture and comfort of the patient.

Handles on the sides of the slings are optimised to ensure correct handling.

Net slings are ideal in wet environments, providing rapid draining and drying.

The grey colour of our slings means that contamination is easy to spot - but the polyester fabric isn’t prone to staining, and is easily laundered.

Available accessories

  • Head/Neck Roll
  • Extension straps
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