Reval Onyx Bath

The Onyx variable height bathtub from Reval.

So that bath time is a moment of well-being and relaxation, the Onyx bathtub was designed with rounded edges, as well as integrated head and footrests and ergonomic handles. Its variable height capability represents an ergonomic triumph for both caregivers and patients.


  • Easy cleaning thanks to a special tub design
  • Available in two sizes to match all body types
  • Disinfection is guaranteed thanks to a flow-controlled showerhead and a secure bactericidal storage compartment
  • Double-paned bathtub liner to ensure the perfect temperature and sound isolation during whirlpool function
  • Well-being add-ons to increase and optimise bath time’s beneficial effects


  • Double-paned polyester tub
  • Variable height capability with electric- or
    gas-powered motor
  • Thermostatic mixer with backwash prevention valves
    and anti-burn device
  • Temperature gage (model 7441)
  • Sensitive up/down controls
  • Separate cleaning and disinfecting showerheads
  • Disinfection by way of bactericidal vacuuming
  • Two-litre storage compartment in integrated into the tub
  • Detachable footrest


  • Maximum volume of water (long tub): 200 litres
  • Bathtub weight at empty (long tub): 120 Kg
  • Variable height from 62 cm to 102 cm
  • Time needed to fill bathtub at 3.0 bars: 4 minutes