Ropox Shower and Changing Bench

Ropox Shower and Changing Bench

The Ropox Changing and Shower Bed has electric height adjustment from 30-100cm.

Fast, safe bathing and changing in a lying position.

  • The height adjustment helps transfers to and from a bed, wheelchair or standing position.
  • Carers benefit from:
    • A perfect, comfortable working height.
    • A water tray that catches most of the shower water - so carers stay dry.
    • Space below the bed for closer access.
  • The polyurethane covered slats are easy to wipe and clean after use.
  • They can be lifted out of the tray for thorough cleaning.
  • If preferred, a softer foam pad can be used by turning the slats over.
  • Folds up when not in use for optimal use of valuable room space.
  • Available in various sizes.
  • Maximum load 150kg.


Width: 96cm

Available lengths: 120-210cm